Publications / Emigration and Return: Photo Stories of Armenian migrants

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CIMERA Publication : Emigration and Return: Photo Stories of Armenian migrants

A CIMERA publication in collaboration with the Swiss Forum for Migration and Population studies (SFM)
Photographs by Zaven Khachikyan

(335 pages, in English and Armenian)
ISBN: 2-88490-009-8

Since the independence of Armenia in 1991 approximately a quarter of the population has left the country. This massive emigration movement has a big impact on the Armenian society, an impact which has been little investigated until now.

The project Emigration and Return: Photo Stories of Armenian migrants has focused on these "new" migrants to grasp their motives for migration, their experiences abroad and impressions after return. In this project, based on a multi-sited research, migration is conceived in a totally new perspective: rather than a linear process meaning a break with the origin, migration is seen here as a circular and transnational phenomenon.

Another unique facet of the project consists in the strong collaboration between social scientists from CIMERA and the SFM and the internationally known photographer Zaven Khachikyan, director of the East-West Cross-cultural Communication Centre in Armenia. The collaboration resulted in an inventive itinerant photo-exhibition and the present publication.

The publication gives an insight on contemporary Armenia and its different migration movements since independence. It furthermore presents an analysis of interviews conducted with 43 Armenian migrants living in Russia, Switzerland or who have recently moved back to Armenia. The two chapters are presented both in English and Armenian language. The last part of the book is dedicated to photo stories of the interview participants.

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